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TN Men's Chorale

Guatemala Mission Tour

September 25-October 3, 2023

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All payments by check may be mailed to the following address:

Attn: Heather Beard


PO Box 682789

Franklin, TN  37068


Key Dates/Payment Info

Begin missions fundraising campaign; apply for passport at local post office or courthouse. You can print off passport applications at

January 15, 2023                  
Deadline to complete online registration form and send $175 per person to TBMB.

January/February 2023      
Receive email with information about filling out application and completing paperwork through Managed Missions. 

March 4, 2023

$500 due to TBMB

April 22, 2023

$500 due to TBMB

June 3, 2023

$500 due to TBMB

August 12, 2022

Remaining balance to TBMB (*$500 or $850, if single room requested). All paperwork, security training, child protection training and background checks must be completed. 



September 25, 2023
Depart for Guatemala!

* Single lodging room upgrades with limited availability for an additional $350.

** Debit/Credit card payment (after initial deposit) will be available to pay via Managed Missions. There will be a small fee using a debit/credit card, if using electronic check there is no fee. 

All payments by check may be mailed to the following address:

Attn: Heather Beard

TN Baptist Mission Board

PO Box 682789

Franklin, TN  37068



Zoom Meetings/Rehearsals

TMC Retreat

August 25-26, 2022 @ Linden Valley

East TN Regional Rehearsal


Middle TN Regional Rehearsal


West TN Regional Rehearsal


Detail of Sheet Music

Tour Repertoire

*May be edited/updated.


* denotes songs to be sung from memory--approximately 1/2 of concert. (You may elect to sing the entire concert from memory.)

* “Because He Lives (Amen)”

(Maher/Arr. Josh Stewart) - with rhythm section

“Be Thou My Vision”

(Byrne/Arr. Josh Stewart)

* “Cornerstone”

(Arr. Shawn Kirchner) - with rhythm section / soloist: TBD

* “Hallelujah, By and By”

(Various/Arr. Mary McDonald) - with bluegrass instrumental combo and rhythm

Congregational: "How Great Is Our God" w/ "How Great Thou Art" - in Spanish

Sung in Spanish. Translation and pronunciation guide coming soon. With rhythm / maybe brass.

“I Will Not Be Shaken” - Solos in Spanish

(Arr. Cliff Duren) – solos in Spanish / with rhythm section / soloist(s): TBD

“Let Everything that Hath Breath”  - Full Song in Spanish

(Arr. Josh Stewart/Tr. Bridwell) - with rhythm section and brass  

Spanish music, translation, recording, and pronunciation guide

* “Midnight Cry”

(Day/Arr. Tom Fettke) - with rhythm section and brass / soloist: Mike Bundon

“Old Rugged Cross” – Chorus in Spanish

(Arr. Vicki Wright)

“Our God Is God”

(Williams/Joseph Martin) - with brass

* “The Lion and the Lamb”

(Various/Arr. Bradley Knight/Tr. Shepherd) - with rhythm section

Congregational: "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" - in Spanish

Spanish Hymn

* “Tune Our Hearts to Sing”

(Robinson/Mary McDonald) - with fiddle plus rhythm section

* "Till We Meet Again"

Kirk Franklin - with rhythm section



Day 1 (Monday, September 25)

Locations: Tennessee, Guatemala City, Tecpan

Travel Day

Lodging: Hotel Albergues de Tecpan

Tennessee to Guatemala Flights (via Miami or Atlanta)

12:30pm — Arrive in Guatemala City

1:30 — Depart Airport

2:45 — late Lunch (fast food)

4pm — Drive to Tecpan

5pm — Arrive/Check-in at Hotel Albergues de Tecpan

6pm — Group Orientation and Prayer

7pm — Late Dinner (Hotel Albergues de Tecpan Restaurant)


Day 2 (Tuesday, September 26)

Locations: Tecpan, Huehuetenango

Concerts/Ministry Sites: Municipal Theatre, Huehuetenango

Lodging: Hotel TBD in Huehuetenango

7:00am — Depart Hotel for Huehuetenango

7:30am — Breakfast (Restaurant Chichoy)

8:30am — to Huehuetenango

10am — Restroom break

10:20am — Continue to Huehuetenango

12:00pm — Lunch

1:00pm — to Huehuetenango

2:00pm — Restroom Break

2:15pm — Continue to Huehuetenango

3:00pm — Hotel Checkin / Sound crew and leaders directly to Municipal Theatre

4:00pm — Arrive at Municipal Theatre

5:00pm — Dinner (in Municipal Theatre Area)

7:00pm — Concert at Teatro Municipal José Ernesto Monzón


Day 3 (Wednesday, September 27)

Locations: Huehuetenango, San Pedro

Concerts/Ministry Sites: First Baptist, San Pedro

Lodging: San Pedro (Hotel Nahual Maya [TMC] and La Mancion [E3 volunteers]) 

8am — Breakfast

9am — Depart for San Pedro

12pm — Lunch

1pm — Continue to San Pedro

3pm — Hotel Checkin / Sound crew to First San Pedro

4:00pm — Sound Check/Rehearsal at First, San Pedro

5:00pm — Dinner

7:00pm — Concert at First Baptist, San Pedro


Day 4 (Thursday, September 28)

Location: San Juan, San Pedro

Concerts/Ministry Sites: San Juan School, San Juan Soccer Stadium

Lodging: San Pedro (Hotel Nahual Maya [choir] and La Mancion [E3 volunteers]) 

8am — Breakfast in San Pedro

9:30am — Choir Boat(s) to San Juan

10am — Ministry in San Juan (meet people, pass out concert flyer, invite to concert, share the Gospel, etc.)

12pm — Lunch (bags) at School

Afternoon — Rest in San Pedro

                 -- Sound Set-up in San Juan

5pm — Dinner in San Pedro

6pm —Boats to San Juan

7pm — Concert at San Juan Soccer Stadium

Lodging: San Pedro (Hotel Nahual Maya and La Mancion) 


*Day 5 (Friday, September 29)

*Location: Santiago, San Pedro (TBD)

Concerts/Ministry Sites: Santiago Town Square

Lodging: San Pedro (Hotel Nahual Maya [choir] and La Mancion [E3 volunteers]) 


Morning - Divided choir/ensemble street performances/evangelism

12pm — Lunch 

1pm — Boat to Santiago

2pm — Setup in Santiago / Street Evangelism and Pass Out Concert Flyers, Store Visits, etc.

4pm — Sound Check 

5pm — Dinner in Santiago

7pm — Concert in Santiago Town Square

9:30pm — Boats to San Pedro

10pm — Hotel


Day 6: (Saturday, September 30)

Locations: San Pedro, Antigua, Guatemala City

Concerts/Ministry Sites: N/A Rest/Recovery Day

Lodging: Barcelo Hotel, Guatemala City

8am — Breakfast 

9am — Drive to Antigua (via boat to Panajachel)

12pm — Lunch/Shop in Antigua

4pm — Leave Antigua for Dinner in Guatemala City

5pm — Dinner

6pm — to Hotel Barcelona


Day 7 (Sunday, October 1)

Locations: Guatemala City

Concert/Ministry Sites: Sembredores Church, Channel 27 TV Station

Lodging: Barcelo, Guatemala City

10am — Worship at Sembredores 

12pm — Lunch

1pm — Afternoon Rest?

5pm — Dinner near TV studio

7pm — Concert Recording for Guatemalan/South American TV Station


Day 8 (Monday, October 2)

Locations: Guatemala City

Concert/Ministry Sites: Municipal School of Art, Theatre TBD

Lodging: Barcelo, Guatemala City

Morning — Ministry at Municipal School of Art

Afternoon — Rehearsal at Guatemala City Square

5:00pm — Dinner near Guatemala City Square

7:00pm — Concert at Guatemala City Square?

Day 9 (Tuesday, October 3)

Locations: Guatemala City, Tennessee

Travel Day



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