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TN Men's Chorale

Guatemala Mission Tour

September 25-October 3, 2023

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Key Dates/Payment Info

Begin missions fundraising campaign; apply for passport at local post office or courthouse. You can print off passport applications at

February 24, 2023                  
Deadline to complete online registration form and send $175 per person to TBMB.

February/March 2023      
Receive email with information about filling out application and completing paperwork through Managed Missions. 

March 17, 2023

$500 due to TBMB

April 21, 2023

$500 due to TBMB

June 2, 2023

$500 due to TBMB

August 11, 2023

Remaining balance to TBMB (*$500 or $850, if single room requested). All paperwork, security training, child protection training and background checks must be completed. 

August 31-September 1, 2023

Orientation (at TMC Retreat)

September 25, 2023
Depart for Guatemala!

* Single lodging room upgrades with limited availability for an additional $350.

** Debit/Credit card payment (after initial deposit) will be available to pay via Managed Missions. There will be a small fee using a debit/credit card, if using electronic check there is no fee. 

All payments by check may be mailed to the following address:

Attn: Heather Beard

TN Baptist Mission Board

PO Box 682789

Franklin, TN  37068

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Zoom Meetings/Rehearsals

TMC Retreat

August 31-September 1, 2023 @ Carson Springs Conference Center, Newport, TN

East TN Regional Rehearsal

TBD (if needed)

Middle TN Regional Rehearsal

TBD (if needed)

West TN Regional Rehearsal

TBD (if needed)

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Detail of Sheet Music

Tour Repertoire

*May be edited/updated.

Home: List

* denotes songs to be sung from memory--approximately 1/2 of concert. (You may elect to sing the entire concert from memory.)

* “Because He Lives (Amen)” with "Because He Lives" (in Spanish?)

(Maher/Arr. Josh Stewart) - with rhythm section

* “Be Thou My Vision”

(Byrne/Arr. Josh Stewart)

* “Cornerstone”

(Arr. Shawn Kirchner) - with rhythm section / soloist: TBD

* “Gloria”

(Arr. Cymbala) - as written, English and Spanish


(Various/Arr. Semsen) - with bluegrass instrumental combo and rhythm

Congregational: "How Great Is Our God" w/ "How Great Thou Art" - in Spanish

Sung in Spanish. Translation and pronunciation guide coming soon. With rhythm / maybe brass.

“I Will Not Be Shaken” - Solos in Spanish

(Arr. Cliff Duren) – solos in Spanish / with rhythm section / soloist(s): TBD

“Let Everything that Hath Breath”  - Full Song in Spanish (with music)

(Arr. Josh Stewart/Tr. Bridwell) - with rhythm section and brass  

Spanish music, translation, recording, and pronunciation guide

* “Midnight Cry”

(Day/Arr. Tom Fettke) - with rhythm section and brass / soloist: TBD

“See Him Face to Face"

(Arr. Josh Stewart) - with rhythm section, brass, and flute

Congregational: "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" - in Spanish

Spanish Hymn

TBD (opt.)

New anthem learned at retreat (Fall 2023

TBD (opt.)

New anthem learned at retreat (Fall 2023



Day 1 (Monday, September 25)

Locations: Tennessee, Guatemala City, Tecpan

Travel Day

Lodging: Hotel Albergues de Tecpan

Tennessee to Guatemala Flights (via Miami or Atlanta)

12:30pm — Arrive in Guatemala City

1:30 — Depart Airport

2:45 — late Lunch (fast food)

4pm — Drive to Tecpan

5pm — Arrive/Check-in at Hotel Albergues de Tecpan

6pm — Group Orientation and Prayer

7pm — Late Dinner (Hotel Albergues de Tecpan Restaurant)


Day 2 (Tuesday, September 26)

Locations: Tecpan, Huehuetenango

Concerts/Ministry Sites: Municipal Theatre, Huehuetenango

Lodging: Hotel TBD in Huehuetenango

7:00am — Depart Hotel for Huehuetenango

7:30am — Breakfast (Restaurant Chichoy)

8:30am — to Huehuetenango

10am — Restroom break

10:20am — Continue to Huehuetenango

12:00pm — Lunch

1:00pm — to Huehuetenango

2:00pm — Restroom Break

2:15pm — Continue to Huehuetenango

3:00pm — Hotel Checkin / Sound crew and leaders directly to Municipal Theatre

4:00pm — Arrive at Municipal Theatre

5:00pm — Dinner (in Municipal Theatre Area)

7:00pm — Concert at Teatro Municipal José Ernesto Monzón


Day 3 (Wednesday, September 27)

Locations: Huehuetenango, San Pedro

Concerts/Ministry Sites: First Baptist, San Pedro

Lodging: San Pedro (Hotel Nahual Maya [TMC] and La Mancion [E3 volunteers]) 

8am — Breakfast

9am — Depart for San Pedro

12pm — Lunch

1pm — Continue to San Pedro

3pm — Hotel Checkin / Sound crew to First San Pedro

4:00pm — Sound Check/Rehearsal at First, San Pedro

5:00pm — Dinner

7:00pm — Concert at First Baptist, San Pedro


Day 4 (Thursday, September 28)

Location: San Juan, San Pedro

Concerts/Ministry Sites: San Juan School, San Juan Soccer Stadium

Lodging: San Pedro (Hotel Nahual Maya [choir] and La Mancion [E3 volunteers]) 

8am — Breakfast in San Pedro

9:30am — Choir Boat(s) to San Juan

10am — Ministry in San Juan (meet people, pass out concert flyer, invite to concert, share the Gospel, etc.)

12pm — Lunch (bags) at School

Afternoon — Rest in San Pedro

                 -- Sound Set-up in San Juan

5pm — Dinner in San Pedro

6pm —Boats to San Juan

7pm — Concert at San Juan Soccer Stadium

Lodging: San Pedro (Hotel Nahual Maya and La Mancion) 


*Day 5 (Friday, September 29)

*Location: Santiago, San Pedro (TBD)

Concerts/Ministry Sites: Santiago Town Square

Lodging: San Pedro (Hotel Nahual Maya [choir] and La Mancion [E3 volunteers]) 


Morning - Divided choir/ensemble street performances/evangelism

12pm — Lunch 

1pm — Boat to Santiago

2pm — Setup in Santiago / Street Evangelism and Pass Out Concert Flyers, Store Visits, etc.

4pm — Sound Check 

5pm — Dinner in Santiago

7pm — Concert in Santiago Town Square

9:30pm — Boats to San Pedro

10pm — Hotel


Day 6: (Saturday, September 30)

Locations: San Pedro, Antigua, Guatemala City

Concerts/Ministry Sites: N/A Rest/Recovery Day

Lodging: Barcelo Hotel, Guatemala City

8am — Breakfast 

9am — Drive to Antigua (via boat to Panajachel)

12pm — Lunch/Shop in Antigua

4pm — Leave Antigua for Dinner in Guatemala City

5pm — Dinner

6pm — to Hotel Barcelona


Day 7 (Sunday, October 1)

Locations: Guatemala City

Concert/Ministry Sites: Sembredores Church, Channel 27 TV Station

Lodging: Barcelo, Guatemala City

10am — Worship at Sembredores 

12pm — Lunch

1pm — Afternoon Rest?

5pm — Dinner near TV studio

7pm — Concert Recording for Guatemalan/South American TV Station


Day 8 (Monday, October 2)

Locations: Guatemala City

Concert/Ministry Sites: Municipal School of Art, Theatre TBD

Lodging: Barcelo, Guatemala City

Morning — Ministry at Municipal School of Art

Afternoon — Rehearsal at Guatemala City Square

5:00pm — Dinner near Guatemala City Square

7:00pm — Concert at Guatemala City Square?

Day 9 (Tuesday, October 3)

Locations: Guatemala City, Tennessee

Travel Day

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Concert Attire

Concert Attire 1 - "New" Blue TMC shirt with khakis

Concert Attire 2 - "New" Blue TMC shirt with jeans

Concert Attire 3 - TMC Concert Black - black long-sleeved button-up shirts (with black buttons), black pants, black shoes, black socks, etc. 

What are vaccine/COVID-19 requirements?


What are my luggage requirements?

Standard airlines specify one suitcase and one carry-on. Details about size of bags (and other details) can be found at the Delta Airlines website here.

What if I have food allergies?

Approximately one month prior to our trip (if not sooner), you will have the opportunity to share about your allergies. Our partners in Guatemala will work to ensure you always have meals you can eat safely.

What costs (beyond my registration payments) will I be responsible for?

All of your Guatemala expenses are covered--including all meals, lodging, travel, etc. The only things you will pay for out-of-pocket are airports snacks/meals, discretionary items such as an extra afternoon latte or soft drink, souvenirs, etc. 

What about tipping?

Tipping is covered in the fees you have paid (or are paying)--including guides, bus drivers, servers, translators, etc. Please do not tip otherwise.

Are there any specific power requirements in Guatemala?

Plugs in Guatemala are the same types as here in the US. The only possible needs are if you have devices with 3-prongs. In this case, you will need convertors to convert 3-pronged (grounded) devices to 2-pronged. 

Who do I contact if I have registration questions?
Heather Beard, TBMB Partnership Missions  

1.800.558.2090 Ext. 2061

Who do I contact if I have general questions regarding the trip?

Scott Shepherd, Worship and Music Specialist/Partnership Missions Specialist


Who is coordinating our travel? 

Tennessee Baptist Mission Board’s partnership missions is coordinating our travel details in conjunction with E3 Guatemala. David Singleton is stateside, and Gerry Eudy is the missionary “on the ground” in Guatemala through our E3 Partnership. Salvador Zapeta, president of the Guatemalan Baptist Convention will also be accompanying us.

How many concerts will we present?

We anticipate singing 9 times during the trip. 

If you have other questions, e-mail Scott Shepherd at

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Do you have any questions or comments about the Guatemala Mission Tour? Get in touch today!


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